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Pagan Writers Press
Sunday, January 6, 2013

Strength Comes in Many Forms

The purpose of this anthology is to honor women in history: our mothers, our grandmothers, our ancestors, queens, suffragettes, pioneers, wives, sisters, and daughters. Being a woman requires strength and a woman's strength comes in many forms.

There were women who immigrated, faced the unknown, striving to give their children a better life. There were women who picketed the White House and were thrown in prison, merely for wanting to have a say in government. There were women who stood by king and country to help wage wars, fighting for either their religion or their people. There were women who quietly refused to move from buses to break the "color barrier." There were women who wrote poems, inciting revolutions that would be an inspiration for generations to come.

Without these women, you wouldn't be here. Each one, whether she fought with words or with swords  helped make this world possible for you. She faced down adversity for YOU. She earned rights and made waves and got that vote for YOU.

Pagan Writers Press would like to help you honor these women this March in an anthology of flash fiction and short stories. 

Here is how you can participate. Here is how you can continue the fight...because trust me, the fight continues today. Until women have complete and total equal pay, until women can point fingers at their rapists and see justice done, until women are truly seen in male-dominated work forces as EQUAL to men...the fight continues.

Here is your chance to fight with words. Posted below is the announcement for our submissions call.

We are seeking short stories/flash fiction for Women's History Month for an anthology to be published in March 2013. HerStory: Fiction Honoring Women's History Month. Each story needs to be historical, any era, time. No more than 3k words a piece. (If you go over, no big deal but that would be the goal) Flash fiction/shorties is a brief look into someone's life. The story can be about an ancestor of yours, a woman in history you find on Wiki and think did something awesome, a woman you make up. Perhaps she's standing up for herself, arguing an issue, rebelling against society. She can fight with a sword or her words or her silence. A woman's strength comes in many forms. She may be trying to improve her life or that of her children. She may be fighting for women's or civil rights. Romance is fine, but no sex scenes. Author bios will be at the end of each story. This will be published as an ebook and print if it reaches 50k. Royalties will be paid. Authors share 40% of print royalties, 50% of ebook royalties. We would like to have all these stories by February as that entire month will be dedicated to editing and formatting. Send stories to tchevrestt(at)yahoo.com for consideration. Thank you.

*Original work only, please. These are not to be excerpts from previously published or about to be published material.


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