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Pagan Writers Press
Friday, February 1, 2013


Adella was born into the disparity of 1915 when women had few rights and many were considered property. She grew up in a hostile environment of abuse and prejudice. In those days, being any part Indian made one a social pariah. Add to that being female and life could be quite harsh. Abuse was an accepted way of life for many women and they either lived or died with it. Adella and women like her have made it possible for the women of today to have options and choices. They are unsung heroines.

About the Author:
Morgan Summerfield grew up an avid reader and by her teens was a hobby writer. As an adult she has been a teacher, a technical writer, an instructional designer, a consultant, and a freelance writer. Her recently published first novel, Blood and Magnolias, was a dream fulfilled. In a recent contest, the characters in Blood and Magnolias were given a 5 out of 5 rating. When she is passionate about something, it shows. Beyond her writing, Morgan is a painter and works with a domestic violence shelter and education council.


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