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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sneak Peek at Alexandra Chauran's Z'irah

Enter the mind of a dancer...

Before her parents’ capture, every new day was a chance to travel close to her beloved family, camp by beautiful streams, make new friends, and explore exotic new locations.In her family of origin, Z’irah had danced an eastern dance wildly every night. Her bare feet would beat a cloud from the dust on the ground and the firelight would be a strobe on her hair, her golden-olive skin, and her flashing white teeth. The dances she was taught were said to come from faraway lands, where her people performed in temples before powerful gods. Movements had been passed down through generations of women dancing together, sharing their secrets and friendship. Her body would writhe sinuously in the light and rock hauntingly in the shadows. When drums were present, they would play until dawn. When they didn’t have drums, they would beat sticks together, playing rhythms that would seem alien to the westerners.

Alexandra Chauran is a British Traditional Wiccan fortune teller and the author of several nonfiction works. In her spare time, she dances, raises her children, and manages an addiction to school by working on her doctoral degree. Though branches of her own family tree were cut by the Holocaust, she feels that honoring the memory of ancestors is important. Through her fiction, whatever cannot be remembered, she invents.


  1. I love music and dance(all dance) and this story...(just from the excerpt) seems, exotic, lovely...I truly look forward to reading this story!

    1. It's very unique. It really transport the reader to another time and place.


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