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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sneak Peek at Dorothy Abram's Ela of Salisbury

What could be Ela of Salisbury's motive here?

“Take me to Bishop Poore at once!” Ela commanded as she strode toward the palace entrance. Stone masons, carpenters, and all manner of laborers were pounding and swearing as they constructed the fine buildings on the cathedral grounds. She paid them no mind. A herald scurried ahead to announce her arrival. The Countess of Salisbury rarely made unexpected calls.

She concealed a smile at their dithering, pleased with her boldness, until she was shown into the bishop’s receiving room. Richard Poore was seated comfortably before the hearth with Stephen Langton, Archbishop of Canterbury.

Ela’s heart dropped into her boots. What were they up to? They could not have anticipated her visit.

Bishop Poore rose graciously. “Lady Salisbury, Ela. How good to see you in this time of sorrow. I would not have thought to see you abroad so soon after your husband’s demise. Have we details about the funeral left undone...?"


Dorothy Abrams lives and writes in upstate New York. She met Ela when she visited Salisbury Cathedral with her partner Eric Reynolds in 2010. Dorothy's recent nonfiction title Identity and the Quartered Circle: Studies in Applied Wicca will be released in 2013. Her essay Moveren the Sea Queen appears in Sorita d'Este's anthology Faerie Queens to be released in 2013. Her current project is The Witches of Fawsetwood, a historical fantasy novel about medieval England.


  1. I have always loved Medieval tales...looks like it will be a great story!

  2. It's about a fascinating woman!


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