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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Alexandra Chauran Talks About Sacred Dancing

Dance, for me, has always been a sacred expression of spirituality. Dance can define itself as movement without any purpose except beauty. In my religious practice of British Traditional Wicca, dance is an important way to raise energy. Yet, sacred dance is something that is historically difficult to follow. Since the ability to record dance performances is so new, the only way that we have been able to preserve or study historical dance is through depictions in paintings or other visual arts. Sacred movement has always been passed on person to person, in the intimacy of student teacher relationships, friendships or family. In HerStory, I imagined one link in the chain of what we call “bellydance” today. 

Today, even though the power of Internet and video brings an infinite expression of dance forms before our eyes, the line of sacred dance is growing weak. Even contemporary Wiccans often do little more than run around in a circle in vestigial tribute to dance when raising energy for worship or magic. Through my fiction, I hope to inspire other women to take up dance. Pass along the art of being present in your body to your sisters and your daughters. Tell secrets without saying a word and share the gift of dance with your world and yourself.

Alexandra's story is Z'irah

See her dance:

1 comment:

  1. OH my goodness I love Middle Eastern Dance! (BellyDance)(**cough..ahem**)I myself have actually taken lessons,I'm not sure I was "graceful" as the dancer in the video:O) But I love it as I love music and all forms of dance...Wonderful post!


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