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Monday, March 25, 2013

Danielle Villano On "A Woman's Place"

            I feel very blessed for the life I have lived in the past 21 years.  This past December, I graduated from college (a semester early!) with a degree in creative writing.  My parents were able to give me the opportunity to pursue the major I wanted, and they supported me every step of the way.  Now, I have the bachelor’s degree that seems to be a requirement in today’s workforce, and I feel ready to take the writing and working worlds by storm.
            Imagine if I lived a few decades ago.  My creative writing degree would be laughable; why, a creative writing program would have been a distant dream!
            “You must go to school to learn a useful trade,” I would have been scolded.
            To take it even further: “A young woman shouldn’t be pursuing a college education.  She should know her place.”
            What I’m trying to say here is this: As a young woman of the present day, I often take for granted the opportunities that have been given to me, and the successes I have worked for.  Now, as I sit at my 9 to 5 job, I try to imagine a world where I may not have even been given the opportunity to sit at a desk.
            I wanted to examine a period in history where some inspiring women chose to fight against their role as a strictly domestic figure.  Not only were these women tending to children and maintaining a household – they were also carving a small space for themselves in the working world.  As my (unnamed) narrator tells her beautician: “Maybe you don’t need a man.  Maybe that idea is outdated, and maybe what you need is there, circled in the classifieds section.” 
            Just as my narrator hopes to set a good example for her daughter, my own parents worked hard to set a good example for me.  They worked hard to give me the lifestyle and education I have been so fortunate to have, and I want to do great things with this opportunity.


Danielle Villano is a New Jersey native. Her writing has found its way to Italics Mine, Storychord, FortyOunceBachelors, Scissors and Spackle, Marco Polo, and Milk Sugar. Danielle is the recipient of the 2012 Ginny Wray Senior Prize in Fiction from SUNY Purchase.


  1. When I was headed to college in 1966 one of my father's cousins asked my mother why they were wasting the money. I'd only get married before I graduated. We were all insulted. Needless to say that is not what happened. It seems a world away now.


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