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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sneak Peek at Becca Diane's Your Honor, May I?

Looks like Marjorie has a story for us...

“I became an artist with cosmetics to cover up the damage and hide it from the world. I avoided social gatherings to keep from hearing the whispers about my situation. Just last night, when I asked which one of us was sleeping on the couch, while he was sober, he once again took his anger out physically on me. I’m done. Even if I am not granted my request for a divorce because of social standards, I am leaving with the children.
“Your Honor, may I? May I have my sanity and safety back?”


Becca is an eclectic woman indeed. She has an inquisitive and creative nearly 8 year old daughter, a caring yet funky boyfriend of over a decade, a baby amel corn snake named Pinky & a 5 year old black short haired cat named Onyx. Tie those characters in with Becca’s love of cooking new diabetic recipes, Pagan practices, crazy “normal” job schedule and addiction to reading and writing and you have an interesting household.

While Becca hasn’t had anything previously published, she writes every chance she gets, muses willing. Her most common genres to date have included supernatural, romance and erotica. She has done some co-writing in the past with friends for fun as well. To see more of her work as well as hearing her tell her story one blog post at a time, stop by her site at http://beccadiane.weebly.com or “Like” her Facebook page at http://www.Facebook.com/JustBeccaDiane.


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