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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sneak Peek at Marie Antonia Parsons's The Speech of Hortensia

Hortensia has a lot of courage...

Suddenly, Hortensia knew what she would say. Even if all the women deserted her, if the magistrates ordered her chained and sentenced right there as the last of the Hortensius traitors, she would speak the right words.

As her maid helped her dress, Hortensia felt no certainty for her success. No Roman woman had ever spoken out before against the leaders of the Republic. She chose a simple but elegant dress, her newest sandals, and wrapped her best shawl around her shoulders. She wore a thin necklace and a small pair of earrings. Her hair—still the color of ripened wheat ready for harvest—was loosely pinned on top of her head.

The image of her father seemed to smile at her as Hortensia lit some incense at the altar. She breathed a grateful prayer to all her ancestors and begged the gods to look tenderly upon her.


Marie Antonia Parsons lives in New York City with her husband of 28+ years and two marvelous sons. She has had three short sci-fi stories published in Daw Books anthologies, which can be found on Goodreads.com. Her flash fiction scifi-short Last One Out was recorded as a Podcast by Neil Gardner of LadbrokeRadio.com. The podcast can be downloaded through iTunes or here athttp://www.geekplanetonline.com/hosting/originals/scifive/?p=episode&name=2012-03-14_scifiveshortyep03.mp3.

She is currently at work on several historical fiction novels. One centers on Romulus and the founding of ancient Rome. Another work-in-progress, set in the same time as Speech of Hortensia, centers on Octavia, and is intended as part of a quartet. The other novels will depict the lives of Fulvia Antonia, Mark Antony, and Cleopatra. She plans additional historical fiction novels, all set in the ancient or medieval periods.

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  1. I become inspired at the show of strength of the women detailed in these stories, this is another one I look forward to as well:)


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