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Monday, April 1, 2013

What Others Are Saying About HerStory

On Amazon:

"When you combine a powerfully potent topic such as this with writers such as Lorraine Nelson and Dianne Hartsock, this is a book that has all the hallmarks of a winner from the very first page. Having read these authors' previous books, it is difficult to imagine a better choice for bringing to life characters that create an intense, moving and memorable read. I am looking forward to reading more and suspect I won't be the only reader who feels this way." --Michelle Fayard

"What a unique opportunity. Twenty seven authors offer twenty-seven different voices and a variety of stories on women of the past. If for no other reason than the collaboration of such a diverse group, this book is worth the read. For those who are younger, it is a glimpse into the lives of your mothers, grandmothers, great grandmother, and ancestors. For those who have lived the past, it is a reminder of how far we have come." --Flawedflower

On Goodreads:

"This book was absolutely amazing. There are about 30 tales, all of which revolve around strong heroines. Its takes you on a walk through time. You start out all the way in ancient Rome and the very last story is set in the future with a woman who is part of Doctor Without Borders. There are stories of woman overcoming abuse, of women fighting for their right to vote, and mothers who love their children unconditionally. There are sword swinging warriors, queens who made sacrifices, and even an African American cowgirl! I wish I could leave a review of each story, because they all deserve one, but then this post would go on forever. All I can say is, this anthology is a masterpiece and a must read for any woman who is looking for a little empowerment!" --Gloria Defeo

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