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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

What Others Are Saying About HerStory

On Goodreads:

"Since I like to read biographies I loved to learn more about the strong women who strived to live their lives in a freedom that wasn't granted to them, no matter in which time period they were born. Things like the right to be divorced, to work in a job we like or/and to use contraception seem almost normal nowadays, and we owe this to those women who fought as the very first for them." --Kruemi

"The stories that I'd rate most highly were: 1) "Southern Daughter" by Megan D. Martin which seemed to be a Southern belle story when it started out, but turned into something totally unexpected. 2)"Silent Suffragette" by Tara Chevrestt--Tara returns to the time period that she portrayed so well in Votes For Vixens. 3)"Without Borders" by Dianne Hartsock--A knock out punch noir near future tale that warns us of what may happen if some current trends continue.

I'm glad I had a chance to read this anthology during Women's History month. I'm sure that other readers will have different favorites." --Shomeret

"A great collection of shorts stories featuring all kinds of different heroines. With stories ranging from Ancient Rome to the 1970s, and even a story set in the future, we were met with realistic heroines, flaws and all.

Some stories had characters that were entirely fictional, others were based on women who actually existed, famous or not. Some stories were even based on the author's own family member. Whether the heroine made strides in world affairs, or just strides in her own home, she was admirable.

Also noticeable was the fact that were met heroines who were from all walks of life: different classes, races, etc. This was a refreshing change." --Christie

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