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Coming from Pagan Writers Press on March 8, 2013!


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Pagan Writers Press
Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Aelwyn is the illegitimate daughter of Owain Glyndwr, the Prince of Wales. She has gladly taken up the fight of her people against the oppression of the English under King Henry IV and strongly believes that being the fairer sex has no bearing on being able to do so. But will her pride lead her into trouble or to the respect of the men in her life who would prefer she remain safely at home.

HerStory is Foolish Pride.

About the Author:

Justine Dee is an aspiring writer from New Zealand—or as she tends to call it—Middle Earth. With a lifelong love of reading, she made the decision to create her own worlds as a teenager and has been writing ever since. Currently she is writing solo and in collaboration to release a number of novels, the first being Nyssa’s Tale from the Shadows of Avalon series, which she hopes to have published this year to follow up the teaser novella A Queen’s Tale she published in 2012. 

Justine is a trained dancer and a natural rambler, who devours books in her spare time whilst building Lego masterpieces with her four-year-old son. The rest of the time she can be found flitting around the Internet and posting on her blog: http://writerinplay.wordpress.com/


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