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Coming from Pagan Writers Press on March 8, 2013!


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Pagan Writers Press
Tuesday, January 29, 2013


King and Anderson Plantation, ... Digital ID: 1260037. New York Public Library
Photo courtesy of New York Public Library
Granny is an African American midwife--or was until the law banned her from assisting in childbirths. Having helped birth 3,000 babies, the government decided--after she lost not a one--that she was unfit to continue. Granny midwives were a major part of American history. These women were there to assist in childbirths when white doctors didn't wish to bother with the African American community.

She tells HerStory in They Call Her Granny.

About the Author:
Toni Rakestraw is an editor by day and a writer by night. She has written another short story, The Longest Night, for Pagan Writers Press. She also co-authored Titanic Deception, a full-length novel, with her husband, John.


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