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Coming from Pagan Writers Press on March 8, 2013!


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Pagan Writers Press
Thursday, January 24, 2013


In the mid-1600s, Japanese women concentrated more on taking care of their homes and families without worrying about what their husbands did when they weren't in the home. Asuka was different; she loved her husband and wanted him home instead of in the arms of a high classed prostitute. Will speaking up ruin her or save her?

HerStory is in Please Stay.About the Author:

Becca Diane is a thirty-year-old aspiring writer with no previously published work. She normally writes supernatural, romance, and more risqué topics and has a few stories under construction. Born in Iowa, she now lives in Missouri with her long-time boyfriend and their smart and artistic seven-year-old daughter. The smaller members of their family include a black cat named Onyx and a baby corn snake named Pinky. See her website for more up-to-date information: http://beccadiane.weebly.com/


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