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Friday, January 25, 2013

Empowering Women With Words and T-shirts!

I want to announce something today...something I am just over the moon about. You see, HerStory followers, we aren't the only ones who are wanting to empower women.

There's a T-shirt company with the same agenda.

It's called Keira's Kollection. The man behind the logo is Kevin Wagstaff and when he saw the T-shirts girls were wearing, shirts that said they were too pretty to do their homework, so they had their brother do it for them, he started his own company, only his shirts say things like:

Be Strong, Be Inspired, Be Present.

Be Confident, Be Different, Be Yourself.

And my personal favorite: Strong is Beautiful.

And I have news for you...Mr. Wagstaff has graciously agreed to donate a Strong is Beautiful T-shirt upon the release of HerStory in March. So one very lucky woman is not only going to walk away with a copy of HerStory and be empowered through words, but she will also be showing her empowerment right there on her shirt.

Can't wait for the giveaway? Buy yourself one today on Keira's Kollection and take a moment to like them on Facebook.

To stay posted on the giveaway opportunity and book release, be sure to follow the HerStory blog!


  1. I want one for my daughter, myself and all the women in my life! Wow, great prizes:)

  2. I am totally agree with Michelle Cornwell-Jordan. I also wanna this beautiful t-shirts for me. I also get a fabulous t-shirt from at PIJ recently. Now I want to get these t-shirts from there too.


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