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Pagan Writers Press
Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Mother

Read the innermost thoughts of a woman alone, separated from her family and friends after an unimaginable ordeal. Her spiritual journey led her to a place she knew to be rightfully hers, yet with an ending she couldn't escape. Her story--and her surprising role in history--will make you rethink a tale you thought you already knew. Experience the mind of a woman In the Company of Spirits.

About the Author
Lisa Cerezo is a self-professed "entertainment enabler" and educator, who collaborates with a variety of performing artists to create eclectic events in and around her area. She has honed her skills in nonfiction writing, but recently decided to break out of her shell and try her hand at fiction after finding inspiration in a summertime road trip with her family. This is her first published work.
When not writing, Lisa is making music, exploring photography, or spending hours absorbed in movies. She lives with her husband Jason, three boys, and a dog named Mulder.

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