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Monday, February 4, 2013

The Second Grand Prize...

Last week, we announced the first grand prize when HerStory releases is a paperback book, a Strong is Beautiful T-shirt from Keira's Kollection, and pair of HerStory earrings from Yesware.

The second prize is donated by two lovely young women, one of them a HerStory contributor, the author of Tessie.

Author Laura DeLuca has donated an incense diffuser to go along with some handmade soap from Greenchild Creations.

And we're throwing an e-book into this mix. Why soap and diffusers? What does that have to do with women's history?

In HerStory, Mathilda of Ringelheim runs a bath house. It seems appropriate to honor herstory this way.

AND as Mathilda seems to know, every woman needs soap and every woman needs time to relax. So one lucky winner will take a nice long shower with her fantastic handmade soap, set her diffuser on a table, and curl up with HerStory on her kindle. Who says you can't be relaxed and empowered at the same time? (and smell good)

Special thanks to both these lovely ladies for their donations. Take a moment to like their pages. More giveaway news coming. Be sure to watch  the HerStory blog for more updates.


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