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Friday, March 15, 2013

A Message from Michelle

Being a female, a daughter, and a mother of a teen girl, I am very conscious of the role models and the depiction of women in books, film, and television. I remember growing up in the late seventies, and a teen in the eighties, that although there had been vast improvement on a woman’s stance in society in almost every area. By the eighties, as a country we had made our way through many of the movements that we study as historical events. Such as the Civil Rights Movement and Women’s Lib….

Now, even though huge strides have been made, we are no longer strapped in an apron, chained to the stove, “barefoot and pregnant” the term I constantly heard while growing into womanhood, no, we as women are growing to the point of “choosing” careers, when to marry, many turning life events that previously, we quite possibly did not have full control over.

Also, being an African-American female had its own challenges. Yes, great strides had been taken, but still in a lot of the literature that I was reading- the stories that I loved—the great romances -Gothic tales of women fleeing across the moors with the grand old house in the back and the shadow in the windows, reflecting the sinister tone in the book. Yes, great books, but in most cases the heroines were always being “saved”….waiting for that handsome man of her dreams to save her…. That was shown in a lot of the books and movies…The women waiting on that great guy, to call, to come over, to save her, to whatever…

But what I love about the literature and the media today, that’s no longer the case. The female is shown to have a strength and individuality…meaning she is a complete and whole person. When the hot guy walks in the door, and will be a complete, and whole person if he was to leave…but hey, in our stories…still there are the happy endings, he rarely leaves…I mean who would with a catch like her! The heroines in today’s stories are saving shoot! Not only themselves, but the heroes, and sometimes whole towns!

The female is shown as fierce, capable and strong…not lagging behind or so far out in front (most of the times) but both heroine and hero are shown as equal… That is what I love now with the books and media that I see…So of course I loved the opportunity to become a part of a celebration of women who were strong and fierce! I wanted to find a subject of a woman who although a woman of history, had the mindset of today…a woman that would be an asset to showcase, not only for a Women’s History month example, but also representing a dynamic African-American woman, and yes, oh yes, I found Mary.

I actually ran across Mary Fields a few years ago, although not much was written on her. But that which was, had my mouth dropping; how could I not have known about this woman?! I had never heard of her in any of my African-American lessons for Black History month in school… She was perfect for this project. I wanted a historical figure that was little known, but inspiring, and I believe Mary Fields, a.k.a. Stagecoach Mary fits the bill. Through Internet research, I was able to uncover tidbits on this incredible woman, even actual documents penned by the Ursuline Nuns!

I am extremely honored to be a part of the HerStory Anthology and celebrating Women’s History Month and I give a HUGE thank-you to the Editor, Tara Chevrestt and to Pagan Writers Press for this opportunity! I believe you will enjoy all the stories within the cover of this book, sneaking peeks at the lives of the wives, mothers, and daughters of yesteryear that worked, cried, and maintained a life for their loved ones. It’s their stories that are affecting the wives, mothers, and daughters of today… So join me in celebrating the warriors, thinkers, and leaders that were these women…

Let us tell you a story…

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