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Monday, March 18, 2013

Lorraine Nelson Talks About Historical Fiction

I am thrilled to have a short story included in this anthology. Celebrating women throughout history, even though it is fiction, gives us a chance to glimpse how strong the women in our past really were.

The idea for Riverboat Queen came about one night when my friend, DJ, and I were brainstorming ideas for historical fiction. Now, anyone who knows me knows I hate history. No joke. But I do enjoy reading a good historical romance from time to time. And DJ loves history. That evening she was trying to convince me to try my hand at writing a historical romance. She kept tossing ideas at me and one clicked. No, it wasn’t Riverboat Queen, although I did file that one away for future use. J

Hawk’s Woman, a western historical short, ended up at 11,000 words and was included in an anthology released last spring. It garnered rave reviews and to say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement. I can’t see me writing historicals on a regular basis, but to know that people read and enjoyed my story gave me quite a boost.

Lorraine Nelson
When HerStory was announced, I knew I had to write something for it, so I searched through those old files and stumbled upon Riverboat Queen. Aurora Langston, sold into slavery at an early age by her uncle and guardian shortly after the death of her parents, has vowed to work out her indenture and return home to England. Things don’t go quite as she’s planned and she ends up on quite an adventure. I hope you enjoy Aurora’s story.

I am a multi-published author living in NB on the east coast of Canada. I love to hear from readers. Please contact me at one of the following locations:

Twitter: @lornelca


  1. I need to check out your Hawk's Woman and Auora Langston's adventures! Loved hearing how the story came about, thanks for sharing:O)

  2. Thank you, Michelle. Glad you enjoyed it.
    Hawk's Woman was included in the Virgins Behaving Badly anthology released by Evernight Publishing. In comparison with the rest, Hawk's Woman is pretty tame. :)


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