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Friday, March 1, 2013

Sneak Peek at Mary Terrani's Bout of Honor

Looks like Madeline is up to some mischief...

“I don’t understand why. You could be seriously injured or killed even.” The disapproval in Paige’s voice filled the confines of the stall. “There is good reason women do not joust.”

“The fact that the men feel the need to strut around and boast is not a good enough reason for me.” Madeline moved to her bag and pulled out a tunic and a pair of hose.

“Some insane need to prove yourself is not a good enough reason to do this.” A gasp escaped her friend. “You will wear men’s clothing?”

“Did you think my stays and gown would fit under a suit of armor?” For the first time since the discussion began, she turned around. “I am doing this with or without your help, Paige. I would prefer it was with it.”


Mary Terrani is the single mother of two boys—tween and teen. When they aren't keeping her on her toes, she writes to soothe her long-standing passion for the written word. Not satisfied with one genre, she dabbles in young adult romance, paranormal, and is also working on a post-apocalyptic piece with fellow author, Sarah Cass. 

Bout of Honor will be Mary's first published work. You can find her at her website http://www.maryterrani.com.


  1. Very Cool, can't wait until March 8 and it is live:)

  2. I chose the representation of Madeline as my FaceBook Header! I have always had a passion for Medieval times, and I love strong female characters, and this is the best of both! I cannot wait to learn more of Madeline...I want to learn to joust now:)

    I second the...Very Cool:)


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